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To Know More About Who We Are

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To Know More About Who We Are 

Our Focalflicks is a team of experienced photographers. We work together to capture some of the best moments of your life and preserve them forever in frames. We do not consider ourselves separate from any of your events. We rather indulge in all your adventurous, memorable and precious moments and only increase their longevity by our Clicks. Unlike any random photographic company, Focalflicks brings out innate feeling that you might not be able to express through words. We say so with pride because our team is a compilation of well-experienced people. They have taken cinematography courses full time and have working experiences with some of the best cinematographers across the world. 



Make your pre-wedding period more memorable or maternity period more precious. Have a Maternity shoot or a couple date-night shoot, Focalflicks will do it all for you. Photographs not only make you realize how far you have come in life. They also keep you grounded to your roots all through your lifetime. And Focalflicks ensures that you keep track of all the most remarkable time-snaps of your lifetime. So your life is more of a story than being simply history. 


Corporate Shoot

Being a photographer in India is one of the most blessed feelings on earth. This is because India is such a diverse country. Where culture, traditions, ceremonies and the way of celebrating any event changes as frequently as our thoughts. Shoot every detail with utmost care, that’s our aim. Whether it is a Couples photo shoot or a corporate shoot, our team will make you surprised with quality work.


DJ parties 


Friends forever 

Focalflicks is a perfect amalgam of the best professional photographers who specialize in different kinds of Photo shoot. For example, our shooters for DJ parties will not shoot weddings. We let you know everything about the experience of the photographer that you’re hiring. This ensures that you as a customer remain clear to our works. 

We do not miss the opportunity of capturing emotions such as friendships, brotherhood, and other such priceless Memories. Hence we also take orders for Friends forever shoots where all friends celebrate their bond. 

Why should you book us?

Our specialty is candid photography in every kind of photo shoot that you offer us. We do this by staying with you in your journey for a few days. We travel with you, keep in touch with your routine and capture the most genuine moments of your life. Posed photographs are so gross, that we have given up on that idea. And we focus completely on how you as an individual do tiny little things of love and care for your friend or partner and capture them through our lens.

Where are we available? 

Globally! We ensure our availability all around the globe. This is done so that we are able to preserve and present to you some of life’s best treasured moments. We take pleasure in capturing your smile filled eyes and expressive face. is all about real-time capturing emotions. A wedding, an engagement, a maternity period, a farewell party are all once to happen. Don’t let them just pass. Capture them and relive them through the lenses of Focalflicks.


 C-10/23 Kaushik Bhawan
DLF Ankur Vihar, Jindal Road,  Ghaziabad, UP- 201102


Qucik Call: +91 (0) 828 7445 769 
Whatsapp: +91 (0) 901  5661 646 

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